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Position: Lead Hand/Safety AdvisorLorne - Lead Hand/Safety Advisor

What makes you proud to be a Pivotal employee?
"I am very proud to work for a company that strives to provide a different and competitive product in this market. From my first days with Pivotal, it was obvious that their walk matches their talk, that they have great people thriving on a strong team, and that makes them able to Deliver the Difference that they speak of." 

What inspires you in your day to day work?
"I find it inspiring to work for and with people that I truly respect and to know that I am a valuable and valued member of the team."

What do you appreciate about working here?
"More than anything, I have appreciated the attitude projected by the management of this company. They are down to earth, humble, committed, and loyal to their employees. They truly stand out in the scope of my career as an employer that I feel respect for and loyalty to."

How would you describe Pivotal’s work culture?
"Pivotal has the best work culture I have ever encountered. They care about their employees and do practical things to make them feel heard, included, and valued. The management leads by example."

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